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5 ideas to start a business from effective agriculture

Starting a business from agriculture
Starting a business from agriculture

Starting a business from agriculture is a form of business that not many people have done, but it has a great potential for success. As you know, our country has great strength in agriculture, is the center of wet rice and fruit crops in the Southeast Asian market. In addition, thanks to the humid monsoon climate and many favorable natural conditions, agricultural products and services related to agriculture perform very well, attracting the attention of the majority of investors. . Check out the ideas now Starting a business from agriculture easily with a reasonable investment capital below.

Starting a business from agriculture by trading seeds

seed business
Starting a business from agriculture by trading seeds

Currently, the demand for clean vegetables is increasing, but the number of standard seedlings accounts for only 50%. Therefore, this is a potential market, a “fertile land” for development, especially for young people who are intending to start a business from agriculture.

Seed sources you can import directly from gardeners, plant agents, or import from abroad. You can open a direct business store or choose to develop an online model through e-commerce platforms, social networks, delivery to customers. If you have the conditions to develop both of these business models at the same time, reaching customers will become easier, more convenient, and more profitable.

You should equip yourself with the necessary basic knowledge about seed business as well as agriculture. This helps you to advise your customers better, making them more secure when choosing to buy seeds at the store.

Starting a business from agriculture by building mushroom growing model

Starting a business from agriculture with the mushroom farming model
Starting a business from agriculture with the mushroom farming model

Mushrooms are one of the foods that are very popular with many people, so growing mushrooms is both A good agricultural startup idea in the present time can help you take advantage of the food you make yourself.

Besides, Mushrooms are quite expensive Compared to the common ground of other agricultural products on the market today, so if you can successfully build this type of business, the profits will be very significant. You can learn and learn mushroom growing techniques yourself or consult an expert. You can start with a small capital of about 15-20 million and open a small-scale mushroom farm. After 3-5 months of business, you can earn profits and expand the model of growing more mushrooms according to the consumption needs of consumers.

Starting a business from agriculture by xexport of agricultural products

Agricultural exports play a huge role in economic development, especially for developing countries. The importance of exporting to developing countries is reflected in the effects of this activity in promoting economic growth, generating a huge source of income.

export agricultural products
Starting a business from agriculture by exporting agricultural products

Currently, a number of agricultural products of Vietnam have gained a foothold in the international market such as coffee, pepper, etc., and many fruit trees such as pomelo, mango, etc. Export of agricultural products is a form of start-up from agriculture with high international integration, creating great economic value for those who want to expand their business to foreign markets. However, it also contains many challenges, success depends on factors such as quality of agricultural products, market factors and business scale.

Starting a business from agriculture bybeef cattle

beef cattle farming
Starting a business from agriculture by raising beef cattle

Beef is gradually replacing pork with more nutrients and protein. Therefore, the trend of starting a business from beef cattle is growing. In addition, starting a business from agriculture in this form brings high profits for the following reasons:

– Low-value cow feed, less food competition with humans

– The demand for beef in the domestic and foreign markets is increasing, the product has stable output.

– The current price of cows is quite high to ensure profit for farmers.

Beef cattle are easy to raise, have few diseases, and are easy to adapt to the environment.

You can invest money to buy cows to raise and gradually expand the scale, find the output market for yourself.

Starting a business from agriculture byanimal feed production

animal feed production
Starting a business from agriculture by producing animal feed

Food is a basic need of every human being. In particular, the issue of food hygiene and safety is increasingly focused, thereby leading to an increase in the quality of animal feed. Producing animal feed has become a “lucky” opportunity to profit that you should not pass up.

It is necessary to implement an animal feed production model suitable to the needs of each locality, distribution area and capital source. Besides, You can find out the places they have made and see what ingredients are suitable for each type of livestock and poultry. It is necessary to use the correct, age-appropriate formula for production. Besides, production machines such as feed processing lines, superfine mills, hammer mills, bucket loaders, vertical mixers, pellet presses, mixers… are indispensable.

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