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3 ways to keep export fruit cold

3 ways to keep fruits cold for export 01

Refrigerate to preserve export fruit.

Vietnam is currently a major fruit exporter with a great advantage in tropical fruits such as Mango, Lychee, Longan, and Dragon fruit… export volume increases year by year. The market is also gradually getting rid of the only market, China, expanding to the US, Japan, Canada, and Europe.

According to Mr. Tran Ngoc Hiep – Director of Thanh Long Hoang Hau Co., Ltd., each year the company exports hundreds of containers, in the face of the fact that the time to export each container is being prolonged due to the congestion of the Vietnam – China border. In the country, or the phenomenon of container congestion at both export and import ports, the company faces many challenges.

3 ways to keep fruit cold for export 02
Keeping and preserving export fruits by cold storage

One of the company’s biggest challenges is Keeping dragon fruit cold in gel ice transportation.

The time to keep fruit fresh often depends largely on storage conditions, at the ideal temperature combined with technical measures, dragon fruit can be kept fresh for up to 40 days.

With the temperature maintained at about 20℃-24℃, dragon fruit can keep fresh for about 8 to 10 days. When reducing the temperature to 12-14 degrees, the time to keep fresh dragon fruit can be increased to 15-20 days.

Note: however, do not reduce the cold storage temperature to below 5℃ because it can cause the dragon fruit to be frozen, causing darkening and rotting of the skin.

Here are 3 ways to help keep export fruits cold and are widely used in practice.

Keeping and preserving export fruits in cold storage

  • Frozen warehouse: Frozen warehouse is often used in the process of gathering and gathering goods before waiting for container closing. Cold storage can adjust the temperature from deep minus to cool, for fruits, it is usually adjusted to a temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerate and preserve export fruits by specialized refrigerated containers

  • Specialized refrigerated containers: Dragon fruit when needed for long-distance transportation or export is always kept cold by specialized refrigerated containers, and cold-keeping conditions must always be maintained both on land and by sea.

Refrigerate and preserve export fruits with ice gel to keep them cold

3 ways to keep fruit cold for export 03
Refrigerate and preserve export fruit with gel ice
  • Cold Gel Ice: This is a backup solution and should always be taken. Cooling gel ice is often interspersed with fruit crates, helping to enhance and maintain the freshness of exported fruit.

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In fact, all three ways to help keep the above-mentioned export fruits cold are often combined. Keeping cold by cold storage is the solution in the gathering process; cold storage by specialized containers is the solution during transportation; Refrigeration with dry ice is a safe alternative in the event of a refrigerated container malfunction.

Additional information

What is Gel Stone?

According to Wikipedia, Cooling Gel Ice is understood as a portable cooler bag containing water and frozen substance inside to provide the ability to create cold and keep other products frozen. Ice cold keeping gel has many effects, such as keeping fruits, vegetables, fish meat…; keeping vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical samples cold; Medical cold compress.

Benefits of gel ice

  • The cold is deep, can be minus 20 degrees C
  • Long cooling time
  • Long cold keeping time, can reach 12-15 hours
  • Reusable many times: gel ice is packed in a nylon bag or plastic box, after the ice is cold, it can be put in a dedicated freezer, or a refrigerator for re-freezing and reuse.
  • Do not leak water, keep the product that needs to be kept cold and dry
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