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3 uses of butterfly pea flower make you surprised

3 uses of butterfly pea flower make you surprised
3 uses of butterfly pea flower make you surprised

Tree butterfly pea flower It has long been known as an ornamental plant of high aesthetic value with its characteristic blue color that not all flowers have. Not only stopping at the aesthetic value, butterfly pea flower also brings many useful uses for our daily life.

The use of butterfly pea flower in beauty care

Anti-aging skin

This is probably the use of butterfly pea flower that few people know. Flowers have more antioxidants or more specifically Blue – Proanthocyanidins, so it helps prevent skin aging – a problem that many people of all genders have a headache.

It is known that Blue – Proanthocyanidin can be even more effective than vitamins C and E. Especially in daily skin care. Not only does it help reverse skin aging, but it also contributes to a smoother, more radiant skin.

Beautiful skin, healthy hair, prevent obesity

Butterfly pea flower helps to improve cell health, and also helps blood circulation better to nourish the skin and hair, slow down the aging process, prevent hair loss, also make hair black and white. slick.

Moreover, anthocyanins present in flowers can interfere with lipid peroxidation reactions, prevent fat accumulation in the body, help keep fit, avoid obesity.

Butterfly pea flower
Butterfly pea flower

Health benefits of butterfly pea flower

Preventing and supporting cancer treatment

Thanks to its high antioxidant capacity, butterfly pea flower minimizes the formation of free radicals, stabilizes mitochondria in the nucleus of cells, enhances the ability of white blood cells to recognize cancer, protects patient during radiation therapy.

Moreover, purple pea’s cliotide has impressive cancer cell inhibitory ability.

Butterfly pea flower tea prevents diabetes

A study from the Government Arts University of India showed that an extract of the butterfly pea flower was able to reduce blood sugar levels clearly after only 12 days of use, and also did not increase again after. use medicine. Butterfly pea extract has such an effect thanks to two effects:

  • Inhibits the amount of glucose from food being taken into the body.
  • Causes pancreatic beta cells to increase insulin secretion. As a result, blood sugar control.

At the same time, butterfly pea flower also contains some substances with mild antibacterial ability, helping people with diabetes can limit the risk of infection.

Good for the heart

Regular use of butterfly pea flower will significantly improve the risk of coronary artery disease because it helps to protect the vessel wall, prevent hardening of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

Uses of fresh butterfly pea flowers for eyesight

Butterfly pea helps blood circulation easier. So the flow of blood through the capillaries of the eye is also improved, protecting and enhancing vision effectively.

At the same time, butterfly pea flower also helps protect the eyes from damage caused by free radicals. From there, it will slow down the process of cataracts, treat damage to the retina.

Sedative, stress relief

According to the theory of Ayurveda, India and Chinese medicine, butterfly pea flowers have sedative effects, reduce stress, and prevent depression effectively.

Butterfly pea flower helps reduce hair loss

In ancient Thai medicine, from ancient times they used butterfly pea flowers to treat premature baldness and premature graying of hair. They suggested that anthocyanins in flowers boosted blood circulation in the head and strengthened hair roots.

Effects on food

The color creation from butterfly pea flowers is very safe plus the characteristic blue color has made them very popular with women.

Butterfly pea flower coconut jam
Butterfly pea flower coconut jam

Not only making vegetables, people also use them to color the tea. Or elegantly decorate the dining table more beautiful.

In general, the dishes from butterfly pea flowers are very delicious, beautiful and safe.

Note when using

Any medicinal herb needs to be used as directed, including Purple Flower Beans. Only drink 1-2 cups of butterfly pea flower tea a day (about 5-10 flowers). In addition, anthocyanins inhibit platelet aggregation, promote uterine contractions, so the following cases should be limited:

  • Pregnant women.
  • During menstruation.
  • Prepare for surgery.
  • People taking anticoagulants.

Should be stored in a dry place. Normally, fresh butterfly pea flowers will be relatively difficult, the preservation time is not long. So people will dry this flower, then leave it in a dry place to use it gradually.

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