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3 standard methods of cow manure composting for farmers

Using cow manure to fertilize crops brings a lot of efficiency. This method not only improves crop yields but also does not affect the environment. However, few people know that to achieve the desired effect, cow dung needs to be treated and composted according to the right process. Using fresh, untreated cow dung for direct fertilization will be a potential pathogen, very dangerous for plants. Accordingly, to create processed cow manure, you can use 3 methods of cow manure composting as follows.

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Cow manure composting method

Fresh cow manure cannot be applied directly to plants, but needs to be composted properly to retain nutrients, beneficial microorganisms and destroy pathogens. Cow manure can be composted by 3 main methods: hot composting method, cold composting method and hot composting method before cooling after.

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  1. Hot composting of cow dung

With the hot composting method, cow dung when brought out of the barn needs to be piled up in layers. Pay attention to choose a location where the substrate can hold water and do not compress the stool too firmly. The moisture content of the manure at this time should be kept at about 70% and at least 60%. It can be kept moist by watering directly on the manure daily.

If the manure has too many impurities (grass, straw, soil, …) then it should be treated by adding a little lime powder (1%). Because the hot composting method will cause a loss of nitrogen in the manure, it is possible to add superphosphate (about 2%).

After incubation for about 6 days, the manure has reached the best conditions for good microorganisms to work. Those are aerobic microorganisms, which grow well when the environment has enough humidity and the temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. At this time, you need to keep the stool very airy and achieve good porosity.

The cow manure composting platform needs to ensure that it does not leak and reach a certain height
The cow manure composting platform needs to ensure that it does not leak and reach a certain height

Although it loses a lot of protein, hot composted cow manure gives a quick finished product. After composting for about 30 days, manure can be used. Hot composted cow manure has the ability to prevent fungal diseases and prevent weeds.

  1. Cold annealing method

Contrary to the hot composting method, with the cold composting method, cow dung needs to be compacted after being taken out. Each layer of manure will be sprinkled with phosphate fertilizer (about 2%). Finally, add finely ground dry mud (or powdered soil) on top and then compact it firmly.

Depending on the area of ​​the ground, the manure mound has different widths and lengths. Normally, each mound will be up to 3m wide and 2m high. Because it is compacted with a not too large area, the compost will lose oxygen. It is an anaerobic environment that increases CO2, the temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius is the highest, so microorganisms also work more slowly.

With the cold composting method, the compost will be of very good quality with high nutritional content. However, the time to compost is quite long, maybe up to half a year, so it takes a lot of effort.

Properly composted cow manure helps beneficial microorganisms thrive
Properly composted cow manure helps beneficial microorganisms thrive
  1. Compost cow dung by the method of hot first, cool after

This is a cow manure composting method that combines two methods of hot composting and cold composting. Accordingly, fresh cow dung that has just been collected does not need to be compressed immediately. It only takes about 6 days for the microorganisms in the stool to work. Wait until the temperature inside the compost pile reaches from 50 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, then start compaction.

You can add another layer of fresh manure on top of the compacted manure pile. Leave for another 6 days and then compact again. Do this until the manure mound has a suitable height, then start using mud to cover it.

The process of hot and cold composting will help shorten the composting time without losing nitrogen. However, compared to the hot brewing method, it still takes more time and effort.

Note when composting cow manure

– Quality cow manure must not only be composted properly, but the source of manure also needs to be ensured. Accordingly, the water to wash the barn needs to reach a certain level of cleanliness, the source of manure is not filled with too many impurities, ….

The source of cow dung must be ensured, the water used to clean the cow shed should be clean and free of salt or pathogens
The source of cow dung must be ensured, the water used to clean the cow shed should be clean and free of salt or pathogens

– The composting process will most likely result in a lower weight of the finished manure than the original. However, the quality has increased significantly.

– Compost should have a certain height so as not to cause water stagnation.

– The composting place must have a good rain cover.

– The composting place should be arranged with an additional water tank around to keep the water flowing from the compost pile. Take advantage of this water to continue fertilizing to create the best environment for microorganisms to work.

Composting cow manure is not too difficult. As long as there is a good source of manure and it is composted according to the correct process, the finished manure will achieve the desired quality. Depending on your needs, time to use, etc., you can choose the appropriate composting method.

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