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3 great benefits from taro – “ground ginseng” of Vietnamese people

Taro is a familiar ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine. From taro, it is possible to make many delicious dishes for the family rice tray and also for the vegetarian rice tray. For vegetarian cuisine, this type of potato is quite popular because of many special uses. In this article, we will share some of its uses for everyone to refer to.

1. What is taro root?

The scientific name of the taro plant is Colocasia esculenta (a species of plant in the Ayuraceae family) the wetlands of Malaysia (taloes). The plant has bulbs and tubers. Other than potato mon, its tubers are small, many tubers, many starches.

Taro is familiar in Vietnamese family meals
Taro has many magical benefits

2. Great benefits from taro

For vegetarians, taro is an extremely familiar ingredient, easy to cook and to vary many dishes. However, many people do not know, taro is both a benign ingredient and has many positive effects on the body – often compared to the “cheap earth ginseng” of the Vietnamese people.

2.1. Abundant energy

People who are new to the vegetarian-vegan diet often experience fatigue and lethargy. Just adding taro in the daily diet, this condition will be significantly improved. This type of potato contains the highest energy in the family of potatoes (higher than potatoes). The protein content is greater than most legumes and grains. In 100g of taro, there are 112 calories, zinc, and polyphenols – complex compounds of plant origin. This is a common compound in green tea, apples, onions, etc. has antioxidant effects and helps prevent cancer cells from growing. According to folk experience, taro root is used to treat boils. According to an experiment carried out in a test tube, its cells were able to suppress the growth of certain prostate and breast cancer cell lines.

2.2. Prevent some diseases

According to experts in oriental medicine, taro contains a compound that helps to regenerate cells, increase metabolism, so in folklore, taro root is often used to cover the site of tumors and boils. About 10 days of persistence, the tumor will atrophy. In 100g of taro, there is 1.5g of fiber, meeting 27% of the body’s fiber needs per day. This fiber helps reduce the risk of bowel and colon cancer, detoxifies and lowers bad cholesterol in the body. The rich content of vitamins C and B6 in this potato helps to increase the body’s resistance and anti-aging. In addition, it also contains more than 17 kinds of essential amino acids for the body; Omega-3 and 6 are very good for the heart, contributing to preventing cancer as well as preventing disease in general.

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Taro soup nutritious – Photo: collectibles

Taro also has the effect of treating constipation, laxative, anti-asthenia, anti-thirst and support kidney inflammation..

2.3. Beautify and detox the body

Taro contains a compound that helps to increase cell regeneration, make cell muscles active, speed up metabolism, help maintain youthfulness, make skin smooth and retain moisture. It is for this reason that the Japanese call this type of potato “the source of youth from nature”.

It also contains a lot of starch, fiber, sugar, lipid, many amino acids and minerals (Ca, P, Fe) good for the body. Taro is considered as one of the very healthy foods for humans. On hot summer days, a bowl of taro crab soup cooked with spinach and water spinach is also enough to cool down the body by its sweet yet cool taste.

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