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15 types of seeds that are better than medicine that you may not know yet

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Few people know that there are many types of seeds that are good for human health, even better than medicine. If you know and use these nuts properly, you will have a healthy body and prevent diseases. Please refer to the article below to find out 15 types of seeds that are better than medicine Please!

1. Pine nuts: Effective weight loss

Pine nuts are known to be an expensive type that are effective in weight loss. Using pine nuts daily helps you suppress your appetite, thereby losing weight quickly.

The American Chemical Society in 2006 demonstrated that pinolenic acid (an unsaturated fatty acid found only in pine nuts and its oil) suppressed appetite in overweight women, helping them reduce food intake. overall down 37%. So thanks to pine nuts, you will not need to use any weight loss aids and still promote effective weight loss.

I’m fine and you give me a tip: Combine these seeds with a salad to add more appeal. You can make kale salad with pine nuts or fruit salad. Those are definitely dishes that are both delicious and nutritious.


2. Walnuts: End of lack of sleep

Walnuts contain a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, all of which are beneficial for the brain. They help you adjust your sleep to a balanced level.

If you are having difficulty sleeping or lack of sleep for a long time, use walnuts. This amazing seed possesses melatonin, a hormone that makes your body feel relaxed and sleep better.

I’m fine and you give me a tip: The right time to eat walnuts is before going to bed, but please note that you should only eat 2 to 3 nuts at a time!


3. Cashews: Prevent anemia

Cashew nuts have a delicious, nutty taste that many people love. Besides deliciousness, cashews also bring a large amount of nutrition to us. Cashew nuts contain a lot of iron and zinc. Iron plays a role in preventing anemia, providing oxygen to cells in the body, while zinc enhances immunity. Therefore, cashews are very suitable for use after a surgery or when you first get sick, which is when your body is anemic and the immune system is still weak.

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4. Chestnuts: Very good for pregnant women

Chestnuts are a favorite food of many people. Pregnant women should use chestnuts regularly because the amount of folate in chestnuts will strongly support the formation of red blood cells. Thanks to this, the fetus will limit the risk of neural tube defects.

I’m fine and you give me a tip: Pregnant women should use about 100g of roasted chestnuts every day, which can be made into cakes to create a delicious and nutritious dessert.


5. Almonds: Balances the amount of Cholesterol in the body

Using almonds every day will stimulate the growth of good cholesterol (HDL) in your body, while also controlling bad cholesterol (LDL). Thanks to that, blood cholesterol levels are controlled, preventing disease complications such as diabetes, blood fat, high blood pressure…etc. This great benefit comes from the fact that almonds possess a richer amount of monounsaturated fat than other nutritious nuts on this list.


6. Peanuts: Helps you have a healthy heart

Peanuts are a popular nut, easy to find and easy to eat. Compared to many other types of nuts, peanuts are cheap but still contain many beneficial nutrients. Peanuts contain a lot of protein and valuable minerals. Most notably, the mineral Resveratrol is famous for its beneficial effects on the heart. In addition, peanuts also contain arginine, which is also a substance considered a “weapon” that helps people fight symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

I’m fine and you give me a tip: If you are a person who exercises regularly, you should combine beef and peanuts, this is a great recipe that will give you a healthy and balanced body.


7. Pumpkin seeds: Limit bad cholesterol in the blood

Vietnamese people are often used to calling pumpkin seeds pumpkin seeds. It is the white seed that Vietnamese people often enjoy during Lunar New Year.

Pumpkin seeds have been proven to have many nutrients through testing at the Massachusetts experimental station. The protein and calorie content in pumpkin seeds is very high. Besides, this type of seed also brings many other essential nutrients such as vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, copper… Pumpkin seeds have a special effect in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood. You know, too high a level of bad cholesterol in the blood will cause complications such as diabetes, clogged arteries…etc.

Therefore, we need to prevent high bad cholesterol in the blood from early on. Use pumpkin seeds regularly to limit this condition!


8. Pistachios: Supports the weight loss process

Pistachios are no longer strange to Vietnamese people, they are nuts that contain more potassium and vitamin K than any other nuts. Not only that, pistachios also contain very few calories and are high in fiber and protein so they can be used during weight loss.

You can find pistachios in many large supermarkets or supermarkets that sell ingredients for cooking European dishes.


9. Lotus seeds: Preserve youthfulness

Lotus seeds are close and familiar to Vietnamese people, but not everyone knows the magical uses of this seed. Each 100g of lotus seeds will provide your body with 350 calories, 17-18g and many other nutritious minerals such as potassium, phosphorus…etc.

The nutrients contained in lotus seeds will cure many diseases. However, the most notable use of lotus seeds is to limit aging. This type of seed is considered a great “medicine” for women to nurture youthfulness. Using lotus seeds regularly helps women’s skin stay youthful, smooth and free from acne-causing bacteria.


10. Macadamia: Get rid of belly fat immediately

Belly fat can cause heart disease and diabetes in your body. Besides exercise, diet also greatly affects the reduction of belly fat. If you add macadamia nuts to your diet, the process of reducing belly fat will be promoted. Macadamia nuts are one of the few foods with palmitoleic acid, a substance that can aid fat metabolism and reduce fat stores in the body.

If you have time, try visiting the article on the effects of macadamia nuts to learn more about this nut.


11. Sunflower seeds: Prevent cancer

Sunflower seeds have a delicious taste and are suitable for daily use. There are many nutrients in sunflower seeds, including vitamin E, fats, and minerals.

More surprisingly, the abundant phytosterols and lognans in sunflower seeds have the ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells. If you are being treated for any stage of cancer, try adding sunflower seeds to your diet.


12. Cocoa beans: Good for blood circulation

Cocoa beans give you a powerful dose of caffeine, and they are also one of the best sources of antioxidants. So what is the use of antioxidants in cocoa beans? That is to effectively improve blood circulation. Instead of using expensive blood circulation drugs, you just need to try using cocoa beans at least 3 times a week. Blood circulation will develop significantly.


13. Watermelon seeds: Eliminate hepatitis

Like pumpkin seeds, melon seeds are a favorite and familiar snack of Vietnamese people. This type of seed is very small but contains many essential nutrients for the body such as vitamins, calcium, zinc, protit, glucid,…

For patients with hepatitis, using melon seeds is very beneficial. Hepatitis is one of the main causes of liver cancer, causing serious liver function impairment. Not only that, this disease also increases the risk of diabetes. Therefore, we need to completely treat hepatitis as soon as possible. Besides applying a reasonable treatment regimen, you should also use melon seeds regularly to minimize the development of hepatitis.


14. Brazil nuts: Good for the thyroid

Brazil nuts have more selenium than any other nut. These seeds are significant for those struggling with thyroid problems, because selenium is extremely important for thyroid health.

Brazil nuts have a rich, quite nutty flavor. So you should chop them, mix them with oatmeal, add a little fruit and honey, eat them raw or bake them for 10 minutes with a little fruit syrup.


15. Chia Seeds: Limit diabetes symptoms

The main ingredients of chia seeds are nutrients useful for the body, specifically fiber, protein, essential minerals and vitamins. Chia seeds are known for their ability to limit the symptoms of diabetes. Using chia seeds regularly will help keep blood sugar levels safely stable.

I’m fine and you give me a tip: You can use chia seeds to spice up your daily dishes, your dishes will be more delicious and nutritious. A simple and quick recipe to use chia seeds is to mix with unsweetened yogurt and enjoy. The sour taste of yogurt will make your taste buds feel comfortable.


The above is 15 types of nutritional seeds that are better than medicine that you should use regularly to have a healthy and balanced body. However, it is necessary to combine these nuts with a reasonable diet and appropriate exercise plan. You should eat healthy foods, actively supplementing green vegetables and fruits. Try to exercise at least 3 times a week and each exercise should only last 1 to 2 hours.

Hopefully the above article has helped you understand more about healthy nuts. To learn more similar articles, please refer here.



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